A Guide to Checking Your Internet Speed

There are two methods by which you can check your internet speed and they are from your computer or from the Internet. Checking you internet speed regularly is something that is good and helpful.  You may sometimes experience difficulty in downloading or maybe you are unable to open some web pages, and to deal with this it is necessary to know how to check your internet speed so you can troubleshoot the problem. 

The first method of checking is from your computer and you need to use a PC to figure out the speed of your internet. The internet connection should be checked first before checking on your internet speed. The first thing to do is to click the start button, then look for "Network" and click it, after which you need to click "View status" and your internet speed will be shown. There’s a good guide you can follow at http://internetserviceguide.net/

First, make sure your computer is connected to the internet. You can also check your internet speed if you are using a Mac but first of all make sure that there is internet connection. To proceed with check your internet speed you need to first search for "Activity monitor and then double click the application, then proceed to Network where you can find your internet speed. 

Using an internet based speed test is also another method; just be sure that all other applications are closed before you start your speed test. When you are testing for internet speed open applications might interfere and not give  you an accurate measurement. Make sure there is connection with the internet. You can also refer to some troubleshooting guide such as http://www.ehow.com/computers/computer-troubleshooting/

Go to your search engine and type in "internet speed tests" to find the test sites. You will find many sites from your search results. Pick a few sites and check for your internet speed.  A lot of sites for speed test and also sites where products are sold. There is really not a big deal. If it takes a long time before you are able to access a speed test because of too many offers and prompts, better go to another website. 

If prompted, you need to select a server that is closest to your location. The reason for this is so that proximity to server will not be on the list of possible reasons why your internet speed is slow. 

You can then compare you internet speed with the average speed of the same equipment and devices. You speed should be running to typical speed for your type of internet. 

You need to run the speed test so that you will know if you have a connection problem or just to keep your internet provider honest. 

Internet speed results may not be the same for different sites. There are two major reasons which can explain the difference between test servers and these are distance and metrics. The best speed test to run is the server location which is in close proximity to your location. The reason is because you are trying to test your connection and know that your PC connection is alright. Read on for more info.